Finella Devitt

If you're buying Iridescence, you're buying me – Finella Devitt – not a loose associate or junior assistant. I started the business in 2001.

What I Did Before

Before Iridescence I worked at Chief Executive and Director level. Previous roles include Chief Executive of the House for an Art Lover, a Centre of Excellence for Art and Design in Glasgow. I took this facility from a standing start to a multi-award-winning creative enterprise achieving a turnover of £1.2m in 4 years with a zero public funding subsidy. The centre continues to thrive today.

I was also Chief Executive of Loch Lomond Shores, a £60m National Park-based development, comprising a number of innovative partnerships with cultural and retail partners.

Further back, I worked in international brand marketing, including a period as Senior Product Manager for Arjo Wiggins’ ‘Conqueror’, a leading European fine paper brand with an annual marketing budget of over £1m.

What Can I Do For You Now?

Choosing the right partner to help grow your business is a bit like hiring a senior board member. So you’ll want to make sure I do more than just talk about results. You’ll want to see how I’ve helped other people too (my client testimonials should help you decide).

My Partners

If you can judge a person by the company they keep, then judge away. I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything but I do have excellent partnerships with like-minded companies, people I know you’ll want to work with. It also means I can create a strong diverse team – bespoke to your job.

My partners include:

Recent partner collaborations include:

featured projects

Who I work with.

Edinburgh Assembly Rooms

Edinburgh Assembly Rooms

Development of a 'mixed economy' growth strategy for The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh fusing inspired arts programming with innovative retail partnerships. 

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client testimonials

What they say….

Finella was thorough and professional throughout the process, and met all the deadlines. 

Katie Tyssen, Arts Development Officer, Wycombe District Council

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