How I Work

All seeing eye. And busy, busy hands. I believe detail’s important. In fact, getting the small stuff right usually means the overall quality’s good as well.

However, I also draw on senior board-level experience, so my solutions do too. So that means detail-consciousness and strategic awareness go hand-in-hand with Iridescence.

Why Iridescence?

Why not? Why not make business growth truly inspiring? Why not make it flexible enough to change with your business needs?

At Iridescence, creativity isn’t some end product – it’s just my everyday approach to solving business problems. Growing your business, your revenues and your brand shouldn’t mean growing grey hairs along the way. It’s a radical thought, but shouldn’t all this stuff be fun? Enlightening even? So don’t expect acres of confusing terminology and mystical theories. I’ll get my head around all that – so you can concentrate on what’s really important. Your business.

It’s your party and you’re invited

Some consultancies make a big noise about ‘working in partnership’. I’d rather quietly point out that it’s your business. So getting involved isn’t really an option. It’s a necessity – but I’ll make sure it’s a truly engaging experience.

Passion. I care about doing a good job for my clients. And I care about inspired thinking to deliver inspired results. However, don’t go away thinking Iridescence is all fun, and frivolity. Far from it. Instead, you’ll find a strict focus on strategy and commercial reality. Not to mention meticulous attention to detail, flexibility and the ability to get my head around your business. Fast.

Where Do We Start?

First tell me what you want to achieve – in person, by phone or through a formal brief. I’m also happy to respond to formal tenders. Whichever way, it always helps to have a chat. I'll then get back to you with a proposal document, which we’ll review and amend together until it meets your needs.

The method

So, how do we get started? I’ll begin by agreeing a work-plan with you, including what will be covered, who will consult with, the timescale and how and when we will communicate through the project.

Next I will get my head right round your business, fast. There will be lots of information to gather and sift through – to separate the noise from the nuggets. I often need to consult with quite a few people too which might include your staff, directors, partners, funders, customers.

The exciting bit

Once I have all the facts and can see the full picture, I can start to develop solutions with and for you. Which might be to evaluate development options for your organisation, create a new marketing strategy, or help you improve your profitability, for example.

At the end of the process, I’ll make sure you have a really useful report capturing the whole process. And then it’s over to you – to perform in the way you’ve always wanted.

But if you need a little more help or hand-holding along the journey, I’d be delighted to come back on board.

How Long Will It Take?

To be honest, it’s difficult to say without chatting through your project. After all, you might just need a couple of days’ consultancy (I’d be delighted). Or maybe we’ll be working together for the next few years (ditto). What I can say is this: when we agree the schedule, it’ll happen. On time and on brief.

More questions?

‘How long will it take?’ is one which crops up pretty regularly – there are a number of others I’m asked pretty regularly

The End Product

There isn't really a typical Iridescence solution as each project is different. 

Most projects result in a report of some sort. This might be a simple action plan, or it could be something a bit chunkier. If you have commissioned a feasibility study, an options appraisal or a business plan to support a funding application, for example, the chances are that you will need a pretty  comprehensive document, detailing all the evidence supporting my recommendations and your future strategy.

But most important of all, you'll come away with the confidence and tools to improve your business.




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Charles Rennie Mackintosh Events Programme

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Events Programme

£500k ERDF funding application for Charles Rennie Mackintosh events programme.

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Iridescence provided informed and strategic input, which was core to the successful completion of the bids. Finella was also a pleasure to work with.

Pamela Robertson, Senior Curator, Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow

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